Build secure and compliant products

A tailored cybersecurity program in a few clicks, tried-and-tested by engineering teams. Easily meet customers expectations. Automate your path to compliance.

The new way to manage security

Assess your posture and build a roadmap

Follow the implementation guides and save weeks

Share your posture with clients and win deals

When you need it, get compliant and certified by our partners

Security Program

Assess your security posture and design a pragmatic roadmap. Get safe smoothly with step-by-step security guidance from top experts and negotiated deals. Save time, save $.

Upsafe security framework

We work hard on maintaining the perfect security roadmap for tech companies, covering both corporate and product security, and meeting all expectations.

📔 Implementation guidance

Detailed guidance to implement each control step by step. Written by top corporate, cloud and application security experts who've been there, done that.

📔 Deals on security tools

Save thousands on security tools you need to secure your company. We've negotiated exclusive deals with vendors willing to help growing tech companies.

Security Assurance

Show your customers that you're enterprise-ready and speed up the sales process. Easily answer security questions in RFPs and generate tailored policies.

Security questionnaires

We maintain a library of common questions and expected answers with multiple options. Pick the answer that fits you, adapt if needed and get questionnaires done fast.

📔 Policy generation

Based on your actual security program, Upsafe generates all security policies you customers and partners expect from you.

Security Compliance

Comply with ISO 27001, SOC 2 or GDPR to close big deals and avoid questionnaires. Even if you don't need it now, we put you on the right path.

Compliance tracking

Understand your current compliance level and the gaps you need to fix. Centralize all evidence in the Upsafe platform.

📔 Audit readiness

Collaborate with auditors by giving them access to the platform. We partner with firms that can perform the actual certification audits.

Need more help?

Get on-demand access to a global community of vetted security professionals who can help you remediate risks quickly and build secure products.

Fractional security engineer

If you don't have time to work on security topics but can't hire a full-time engineer, get support from an Upsafe-trained security expert and follow-up the progress on the platform. Available from 1 day per week.

Security testing

Penetration testing by certified professionals, as a one-time check or continuously to detect security regressions as quickly as possible.

Start getting safe now

No one dedicated to security?

With Upsafe, anyone you appoint from the engineering team can become a great security engineer.

Already have a head of security?

Upsafe helps you focus on building actual security, not planning, compliance and questionnaires.


Upsafe is an all-in-one platform for tech companies to manage their security program, build trust with customers and reach compliance

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